Since receiving my BFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 1971 and MFA in 1974, my journey as an artist has taken many routes.

Top galleries, now both no longer existing, Claire S. Copley and Max Protetch, handled my work early on. I was also employed by Edwin Schlossberg for several years as an editor and co-author for his books in the late 70’s and was his Executive Assistant before he moved to New York City.

I was married in 1975 and raised a child in my home in Western MA where I lived for forty-two years. In 2021, I moved to North Adams, MA where my home and my studio share the same space.

Never once has my art suffered. Doing it has always been a priority even in the most difficult times. It is my second child.

My gallery affiliations have wavered since being represented by Max Protetch before he became a huge influence in the art world. Because I lived in Western MA, my access to galleries diminished drastically. I have been represented by private art agents who did their best to promote my work and have it exhibited.

My employment life has been centered in every museum in my area: the Berkshire Museum, The Clark Art Institute, Williams College Museum of Art, and MASSMoCA. My five years at WCMA began with the installation in 1988 of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #559. (I first met Sol in 1970 when I worked on his Wall Drawing installations at the then Pasadena Museum of Art.)

Starting in 1996 and stopping in 2009, I wrote for nearly all the Jazz Music Publications on creative improvised music, more generally known as avant-garde jazz.

At the present time, I am associated with Cross MacKenzie Gallery, near Washington, DC, my original hometown. I am also a member of ecoartspace, an international group whose focus is our earth and its preciousness. I have also joined the Artist Impact Coalition, a group of NEFA supported artists in North Adams, MA, known as CreativeGround.org

My only true occupation is doing my art.

The purpose of this website is not only to keep you up-to-date on my most current work but also to archive as much as I can.

I have done hundreds of pieces over five decades.

Grasses 3, 2021, colored pencil on black rag paper 22 1/4″ x 60″
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