Untitled, Long, 2006

I just discovered these drawings the other day when I was searching for something else. They are yet another statement rattling the template of the arc into grid formats.

They are each 50 inches high by 21 inches width. All mixed media.

Black & White

Healing Quilt Series 1-9, 2006

This series of drawings is one of the best explanations of my process coming out of using arc templates to create shapes, characters, and language. I did these after I did the three large Healing Series paintings.

They are actually drawings for nine paintings. Each small square was intended to be 10 inches by 10 inches. The text on the left of the first one comes from The Communion of Spirts, a catalog on African-American quilters by Roland L. Freedman, 1996.

I love these drawings. They are a complete statement.

They are each 22 inches square, colored pencil, ink and acrylic on rag paper.

Untitled Series, 2006

These drawings are all 30 inches square.

30 x 30 ink, 06
Ink on rasg paper

30 x 30 ink, colored pencil, 06
Colored pencil on rag paper

30 x 30, pencil, 06
Hard pencil on rag paper

30 x 30, soft pencil, 06
Soft pencil on rag paper

Dividing The Gems, 2005-6

All of these drawings are 22.25 ” square, mixed media.

dividing the gems (blue) 05

dividing the gems (green) 06

dividing the gems (orange) 06

dividing the gems (pen) 05

dividing the gems (pencil) 05

dividing the gems (purple) 06

dividing the gems (red) 05

dividing the gems (yellow) 06

Connecting Series 1-6, 2006

This is a series of six mixed media works on paper; each is 43 inches square.

connecting(blue)06, 43 inches x 43 inches
Connecting Series (blue)

Connecting Series (orange)

Connecting Series (purple)

Connecting Series (yellow)

Connecting Series (green)

Connecting Series (red)