Dividing The Gems, 2005-6

All of these drawings are 22.25 ” square, mixed media.

dividing the gems (blue) 05
dividing the gems (green) 06
dividing the gems (orange) 06
dividing the gems (pen) 05
dividing the gems (pencil) 05
dividing the gems (purple) 06
dividing the gems (red) 05
dividing the gems (yellow) 06

Laos Installation, Details, 2014

These images show the installation of the piece, Naga #2, at the Embassy of Laos in Vientiane, going down the wall from left to right. The textiles are all Lao from different regions of the country. They were gathered at markets and from mills on my visits there.

Many of the small pieces of woven cloth are often incorporated into clothing as borders on skirts or jackets. Some of the large tapestries are used as hangings.  The horizontal center blue & Tai Daeng weave tapestry is an antique.

The black “line” is velvet cording, weaving in and out of the spaces between the tapestries. In some places, examples of the silk thread used in weaving the tapestries were stretched out to intertwine with the materials laid out on the wall. I used two thousand brass nails to mount the cording as well as the tapestries. At one point in the middle of the installation, I believed that I was going to run out of nails. So I decided to use the velvet in broad strokes taking it straight across the materials on the wall instead of curving it over or around the tapestries. To some, this falsely appeared as though I was holding up the tapestries when, in fact, it was a pragmatic decision to save the number of nails that I had left. The straight “lines” complement the angularity of the Lao designs; the textile version of the Naga is an example.  

The title, Naga, is the name of the mythical dragon-like creature that protects the country. It lives in the Mekong River. Laos is not the only country which reveres the Naga.

These pictures are the only ones that were taken of the piece. I took them when I finished installing it. I take great risk in publishing them here.


Naga detail 1

Naga detail 2

Naga detail 3

Naga detail 4

Naga detail 5

Naga detail 6

Naga detail 7

Naga detail 8


Naga detail 9
This shows a wedding collar posed in a V-shape. For me, this positioning signified the marriage of the two cultures, that of Laos and the United States, with me as the filter for the latter.


Naga detail 10

Naga detail 11

Drawing Installation, 1987

This drawing, entitled Parallel to Palladio, was installed in the office of the President of United Satellite Communications, Madison Avenue, New York, NY. The interior designer was Tom Mahoney, then working with GN Associates, New York.

Parallel to Palladio featured in interior design by Tom Mahoney, GN Associates, 1987

Two Black and White Things, 2011

Lyn Horton, copyright, Black & White Things, 2011, 30 inches x 44 inches, ink on gouache on black paper hires
 60 inches height x 80 inches width, acrylic marker on gouache on white rag paper 
Lyn Horton, copyright, Black & White Things, 2011, 60 inches x 44 inches, ink on gouache on black paper hires
60 inches height x 44 inches width, ink on gouache on black paper


Connecting Series 1-6, 2006

This is a series of six mixed media works on paper; each is 43 inches square.

connecting(blue)06, 43 inches x 43 inches
Connecting Series (blue)
Connecting Series (orange)
Connecting Series (purple)
Connecting Series (yellow)
Connecting Series (green)
Connecting Series (red)

Blue Paper Drawings 1-16, 2019

Each ink and marker on blue rag paper 7.75 inches square

Two Studies for Large Works, 2019

 Each colored pencil and ink on rag paper about 7.75 inches square

Lyn Horton, Study for Large Work 1, 2019, 9.25 inches square, colored pencil and ink on rag paper Lyn Horton, Study for Large Work 2, 2019, 9.25 inches square, colored pencil and ink on rag paper


Large Black & White Drawing, 2019

Lyn Horton, Large Black and White Drawing, 2019, 72 inches square approx., mixed media on rag paper
Gouache, marker and pigmented pen, 72 inches square