50 Lines within a Square, 1973

These drawings adhered to the “concept” of doing them which is denoted by the titles. Seriously, the titles go on and on in a conceptual-art-descriptive format unfolding every detail of the idea that can be verbalized.

Top: “25 Attempts to Fill a Square with 50 non-ruled lines…”

Bottom: Top: “25 Attempts to Fill a Square with 50 ruled lines…”

These drawings were shown at the Claire S. Copley Gallery in 1974.

Five Wavy Lines, 1973-4

These eleven drawings are only the beginning of repeating the same drawing intentions over and over again on the same-sized paper. I dealt with lines across the page here as if they marked horizon lines.

My interest in the horizontal line equates with the view from my studio window at CalArts my last year and a half there when I was doing graduate work for my MFA degree.

I was committed to maintaining the minimalism and clarity of my ideas. But that changed. The horizontal lines resulted in the series, Still Life with Curves, 1-24, which were exhibited at Claire S. Copley Gallery in 1974.