2021 Commission Installation, Washington, D.C.

This drawing is 67 inches in height and 57 inches wide. The media used are colored pencil and permanent marker on heavy rag paper.

Twigs, 2020

These small drawings came out of seeing a tiny pile of twigs on my drawing table. The twigs had broken off apple tree branches with which I was making a large sculpture. I made the little pile because I knew that there was something interesting there.

In order to find the vision I imagined I would have, I photographed the pile. I enlarged the picture on the computer and made it black and white.

I traced individual black and white images on light blue paper and made each a different color, intending to span a legitimate “spectrum.”

I couldn’t have done this series without imaginary and sometimes actual conversations with Allan McCollum.

Doubles, 2020

These drawings are derived from photographs that were taken of the hanging wrapped branch sculptures, the All Tied Up Series (https://lynhorton.net/category/art/2019/). Individual photographs were traced along a dividing line placed on a 15 inch by 11 inch piece of paper. The same traced image was then flipped and positioned in the other side of the dividing line to create an entirely new shape.

I could not have done these without an imaginary conversation with Allan McCollum.

30 Simples, Late Summer, 2020

These drawings are the products of discerning the language value of drawn images of branch sections and groupings, some of them stemming from my imagination.