My Artist Story

A picture of one on my gardens at the height of summer

In 1978, my husband and I moved to Western Massachusetts from Buffalo, NY. We bought a house neither of us had the financial backing to support.

Through innumerable life changes, I have survived only by living here. It is now 2020.

The collective global society is going through a vast economic, emotional tempest due to the CoVid19 pandemic. Had I not been rooted in this house, I would not be able to cope as an artist, as a human being.

The subject of my work is lines and how I can best put them on paper, on the wall, and, sometimes, on canvas. The subject has been consistent since my first exhibit in CA in 1974.  

Art is my job. The ideas for my work flow from one body of work to another.

In this time, the ideas continue to flow. The safest place to go for me is my studio.

I do not need a mask. I only need my mind, my materials, my eyes.

The drawing above was done in 2015. It was the culmination of a series dealing with the densities I could create with horizontal lines drawn with two different widths of pen nibs.

Yet, from 2016 on, my lines moved into a less abstract context and more into one I identified by simply looking out my studio window.

My time in my studio was reshaped. The drawings to do accumulated in my imagination and I produced one after the other of trees branches. These are from series which each have ten drawings.

This drawing is a long horizontal piece called West Street Maples. From memory of a walk around the block.

Art becomes for me how to relate to nature.

Every Sunday, I take walks and photograph what catches my eye. These walks affect my internal make-up. I breathe in my environment. Its energy incorporates myself into my being.

I am fortunate to be able to do my work. It is a challenge to maintain motivation.

Through all the isolation.

Through all the depression.

I have brought nature inside.

I am nature.

Studio Shot, April 30, 2020

Represented by CrossMackenzie Gallery

Copyright 2020 Lyn Horton

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