False Screens 1 and 2, 2022-3

These two pieces are an effort to employ a design format emanating from Japanese culture. It is my intention to begin to put together the present elements of my work in one place or in one place many times. The only addition I have made to the materials I use, i.e. pigmented pen and markers on paper, are printed Japanese papers with which I have fallen in love.

The small pieces of paper, those small pieces on the right side of the drawings, are surrogates for the signature colophons found on Japanese screen paintings. The pieces of paper I have placed on the drawings are actually pen testing papers. I have one near me at all times when I draw.

In between the making of these two screens, I started to focus on smaller pieces which are concerned with the same intention. Many smaller pieces will open the doors to my summarizing my serious work from the 1970s onward. They will be documented on another post. I may introduce a cast of thousands from the accumulated piles of mistakes and broken dreams.

False Screens 1 and 2, 2022-23, mixed media on paper, each without hanging apparatus 68 inches h x 22.25 inches w

Detail from False Screen 1
Detail 2 from False Screen 1
Detail from False Screen 2

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