Wall Drawing, 2022, Future Lab[s] Gallery, North Adams, MA

Wall Drawing, 2022, black pigmented pen on painted wall, 142 inches x 225 inches.

When I first moved to North Adams, I had to make some inroads with the art community.

My first contact was with a lady whose installation space was praised by my friend who owns a ceramic art gallery that operates on the MassMoca campus. After she visited my studio early on in my life in this new place, I felt that my work was accepted. The increase in my confidence allowed me to approach other gallery people.

One Saturday, I walked down Eagle Street on my way to the market and I turned left into an open gallery door. One of the owners was eating lunch on a sofa cushion on the floor at the end of the space. She was talking with someone who sat in a chair next to her.

I interrupted her taking a bite of salad by asking if I could make a proposal for a wall drawing for the large white wall in the gallery. (The opposite wall was brick.) She discussed the idea a bit with me and then said that the three partners met on Tuesday.

On Sunday, I wrote up the proposal and sent it to the Future Lab[s] email address. A response came back agreeing to have my drawing in the gallery in November. Future Lab[s] Gallery was designed for the kind of work I had proposed.

We decided that I would work throughout the month on the drawing because it would be so large. I finished it over a period of days in about sixteen hours. Everyone was excited.

Below are photos showing the stages of growth of the piece.

November 2:

The evening of November 4:

November 5:

November 7:

November 10:

November 12:

Photos of Wall Drawing alone: Lyn Horton and Truanna Salmaron

Photos of Lyn Horton drawing: copyright 2022 Truanna Salmeron

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