Video of Wall Drawing Installation, Oresman Gallery, Smith College, 2008

Staying Connected: A Drawing Improvisation from Lyn Horton on Vimeo.

Wall Installation, Oresman Gallery, Smith College, 2008

The title of this show was “Staying Connected.” It was dedicated to Sol LeWitt, who passed away on April 8, 2007.


Wall Drawing- Smith, view from entrance to gallery) 08-9
View from Gallery entrance
Wall Drawing -Smith (left wall) 08-9
View of left-hand wall
Wall Drawing- Smith (end wall) 08-9
View of end wall
Wall Drawing-Smith (right wall) 08-9
View of right-hand wall
Wall Drawing- Smith ( detail mid left corner) 08-9
Detail where left-hand wall meets the end wall

Traveling With Angels Series, 2003

This series is concerned with the death of my mother, my divorce with my husband and the prospect of being alone. Each drawing is 50 inches in height by approximately 72 inches wide. They are mixed media: watercolor crayon and charcoal.


Traveling with Angels #1

Traveling with Angels #2

Traveling with Angels #3

Traveling with Angels #4

Traveling with Angels #5


Traveling with Angels #6

Traveling with Angels #7


Traveling with Angels #8

Traveling with Angels #9

70 ” Square Black & White Drawing, 2014

70 inch Square drawing Black on White, 2014


Maxwell MacKenzie Photo of Lyn Horton, 70 in Square Black and White drawing, Lobby of Cafritz Building, Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC, Architect Eric Colbert
Architectural photographer Maxwell MacKenzie’s photograph of drawing installed in the lobby of the Cafritz building at 5333 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC; Eric Colbert, architect.

Maine Residence Installation, 2019

Mary Douglas Drysdale also revisited a collector’s new home in Maine to reinstall my work.

MDD, Maine Residence, 2019

Interior Design Installation, 2013


Mary Douglas Drysdale again used my work in one of her designs.

Click photo to link up with a larger photo as written up on Luxe Magazine.

MDD, Washington DC townhouse
My drawings, double-hung, mid-photograph.



The two drawings are shown here in my first solo show at CrossMackenzie when the space was on Dupont Circle (all work mine except for the ceramic cylinder in bottom photo).


Interior Design Installations, 2016

Mary Douglas Drysdale, the reputed interior designer, incorporated my work in her bathroom design for a new line of bathroom fixtures created by American Standard.

This innovative styling won the National Kitchen and Bath Association award, 2014.


Mary uses my work again for her leading work in Home & Design magazine.

Mary Douglas Drysdale, Top Designer in Home and Design



The Naga, 2014

This piece was an experiment using acrylic wall paint and pigmented pen.

It was also a preparation for the installation in Vientiane, Laos, which looks nothing like this.

Lyn Horton, The Naga, 2014, wall drawing, 70 inches h x 128 inches w, house paint & pigmented pen WEB.jpg
Seventy inches height  by 128 inches across, house paint & pigmented pen on white painted wall

White Nylon Cord Installation, 2012

White Nylon Cord Installation 2012 010.jpg
White nylon rope mounted to a black painted wall with painted steel brads approximately 108 inches across by 72 inches in height. Detail below.

White Nylon Cord Installation 2012 011.JPG