Transformation from the Root, #1-5, 2020


These pieces are all on canvas. They each measure sixty inches in height by twenty-two inches in width.

They are made with acrylic, colored pencil and marker. The first layer is acrylic and forms the background. The second layer traces the shapes left by the dripping paint with permanent silver marking pen. The last layer uses a stencil made from a drawing I made of a tree a long time ago. The shapes left by tracing the stencil are colored in with colored pencil.

The title of the series comes from a statement made by Gene Youngblood in a talk on the internet celebrating the 50th anniversary of the release of his landmark book, Expanded Cinema. In the talk, he and the moderator were in an exchange regarding how the global society can change using technology as one of its means.

My affection for trees stems from a lifelong interest in how they create intimate spaces in which to linger and how the shadows of the branches are embracing and graceful and evanescent.

Trees are integral to the earth’s environment. The more that trees are brought into human consciousness, the more concern we have for them. Trees have their own forms of growth and communication. They demonstrate when they are hurt and when they are thriving. We cannot take them for granted.

2 responses to “Transformation from the Root, #1-5, 2020”

  1. Lynn
    I wish we lived closer. I normally travel east 3. or 4 times a year, however, now that I am a 73 year old with maladies,
    I may have to buy a plane. If you buy a plane, do you have to pay for it ?
    warm regards


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