70 Inch Square Drawing, Black, Silver, Gold, 2014

This drawing is 70 inches square. The media are black pigmented pen, and gold and silver marker on rag paper. It was done especially for a show called “Artist Dialogs,” at the California Center for Fine Arts in Escondito, CA, curated by artist, RAÚL GUERRERO, with whom I showed my work early in the 70s when I was California.

70 inch Square Drawing Black, Silver, Gold, 2014, 69.5 in h x 70 in w, black pigmented pen, gold and silver marker on rag paper for Website.jpg

I did several small drawings in preparation to do this large one. The point of doing the studies was to rehearse the motion of my hand in layering loops with the drawing implements. These drawings are shown below; they each are 11.25 inches in height by 10 inches width.

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