Two pastel paintings, 1982

In the 80’s, I did so many pastels, there was at least a half-inch of pastel dust on my first studio floor. I stopped doing them because the dust was going to affect my breathing and that of my family.

These pastels were quite large, up to 100 inches across. They were hanging on a wall in a storage of my house for almost 50 years. Now they are all rolled up in another place.

But many are in a portfolio. Some have been lost because they were not fixed properly and moved around so much that the pastel was smeared. The image directly below is one of the drawings that was smeared beyond recognition. It is called Abierto.

These two below have been framed since they were made so have been preserved.

It’s All for the Best, 50 inches by 38 inches, pastel on rag paper
Landscape a la Mode, 50 inches by 38 inches, pastel on rag paper

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