Metaphysical Alphabet 1-20, 2022

The major intention of my artwork as a whole is to communicate ideas, compounded with a background in conceptual art, minimalism, and a desire to draw rather than paint.

In the course of 2021, my focus was to reboot an art language that had essentially lost its breath during 2020 when I replaced doing art with packing up my house in order to move.

The work’s evolution found a conceptual vehicle through photographing twigs from apple trees beginning with the images like the four below. Twenty images resulted.

I adjusted these photos to black and white in order to improve contrast. The working pictures wound up looking like the four below.

In order to create shapes out of the pictures, I drew around both the image of the twig and the shadow of the twig to collapse the two into one shape. Through a series of processes, the shapes eventually became black and workable as an “alphabet.”

The alphabet became a creation that required glorification along the same lines as Branches and Lines. The display of the alphabet will change as installation requires. Three individual characters (three, seven, ten) are below. The black section of the borders were created by using a stencil of a branch image that I made separately from the alphabet engagement.

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