Thirty-Four Photographs,2021-2

In 2021, I took this picture of apple tree branches spread out on my drawing table. I had to stand on a stool and hold the camera about eight feet above the surface in order to frame the entire image.

After I took this picture, I began to do this drawing.

Once I completed this “inner” drawing, I tackled, over a period of an entire winter, the drawing below. The skeleton of the above branch drawing can be detected within it.

But before I launched myself on creating the above, I took thirty-four photographs of the ‘skeleton’ drawing. They carry a life of their own, each and every one of them. These are documented below.

What was simply one whole had been divided into viable parts. The ways in which these parts can be applied to expand on their potential are mind-boggling. Not unlike the many imagistic structures which can be developed from the twenty characters of the Metaphysical Alphabet.

Clarity of communication vitalizes me.

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