Drawing with Nature, 1 through 100, 2022, continuing series

A long while ago, I placed some flowers I was drying out on a table in my studio. On the table also were some sheets of paper I use to protect the drawings I do from any dirt that is on my right arm while drawing. On these pieces of paper, I sometimes make squiggles in order to reboot the flow of ink coming out of the pens I use.

By chance, the petals of the dried flowers landed on one of the sheets of paper with some squiggles in the corner. I saw both the squiggles and the petals from a new perspective. I began to take pictures including the two elements in the frame.

Later, a pile of drawings whose images were intentionally, but badly, printed out on my inkjet printer accumulated on that table. So did some carbon paper, the backs of which were filled with lines from tracing. The reverse images were so interesting that I kept them.

A process was developed for making images out of this expanding set of diverse elements. This was a discovery for me. I started to build my vocabulary by collecting fallen tree branches, twigs, flowers and stems from this small gardening and weed-growing area that surrounds the house in which I live. And the more printing mistakes I make, the better. They will add to the parts of my photographic collage material.

The following images, if ever printed, would be 8″ x 10″ each.

They are laid out here in sequence, in groups of ten or fewer.

Scroll down to check for the posting of additional photos. The posts will be dated.

New Photographs, Drawing with Nature 44 through 55, Posted 8/30/2022

New Photographs: Drawing with Nature 56 through 63, Posted 9/15/22

New Photographs: Drawing with Nature 64 through 73, Posted 10/14/22

New Photographs: Drawing with Nature 74 through 80, Posted 10/14/22

New Photographs: Drawing with Nature 81 through 100, Posted 10/27/22

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