Drawing with Nature, beginning with 101, continuing series, 2022-3

Through the times, the days change. It is becoming fall. The air is cooler, the colors naturally different, intrinsically pointing to the above ground life dying as the below ground life goes dormant.

It is November now.

The second phase of my picture taking begins.

Drawing with Nature 106 through 116, posted on 11/4/22, my 72nd birthday.

Drawing with Nature 117 through 133, posted on 11/29/22.

Drawing with Nature 134 through 143, posted on 12/11/22.

Drawing with Nature 144 through 149, posted on 1/5/23.

It is January now. I am returning to the studio to calm my nerves. May all the goodness we know radiate out into the universe without our even trying.

Drawing with Nature 150 through 154, posted on 1/22/23.

Drawing with Nature 155 through 161, posted on 2/6/23.

Drawing with Nature 162-171, posted on 3/27/23.

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